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Maureen (Treasure) - Your Love Is Sweet
Maureen (Treasure) - Your Love Is Sweet
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April 2, 2018

Maureen (Treasure) Your Love Is Sweet [Mp3]

Having began music from her teens and have lead several Choirs from school to churches and currently heading the Music department of her local Church. God has in this end time laid many Songs in her heart for the edification of the body of Christ. She believes strongly in wholesome Worship (Worship in Spirit and in Truth) and is committed to encouraging/equipping the younger/upcoming worshipers in doing same.

She is the President of Psalmists’ Haven; a ministry saddled with the responsibility of raising Gospel Artistes that will remain for God’s glory.

She believes her Songs are first of all a product of direct inspiration from God by the Holy Spirit before any creativity is added to it. This Songs she says “are a timeless Worship piece from after heart that loves Jesus”.

Bless you as you listen and Worship along side this Woman of God!

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