Mello Music Group › Nightmare Ft. Cambatta & Apollo Brown
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Mello Music Group › Nightmare Ft. Cambatta & Apollo Brown

Mello Music Group is an American independent record label based in Tucson, Arizona Roll Out another beautiful sound track titled Nightmare Ft. Cambatta & Apollo Brown.


Mello Music Group has released a number of purely instrumental albums, many of which are the side projects of hip hop producers associated with the label. The label also focuses on the hip hop music of various scenes, including Detroit hip hop. In 2012 MTV Hive described MMG as having "dedication to intelligent, street-wise boom bap... these artists make attainable music that doesn’t find them praising their jewelry or stunting on private jets. Instead, they talk about real-life issues that relate to everyday listeners — paying bills, raising children, and finding inner peace.

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